Village Matters Leighton Bromswold – October 2018

Welcome to Leighton Bromswold

We welcome Jim and Emily Mackay to our village. Every single house in the village is now occupied.

Leighton Music and Film Weekend

Organised by Alan Crosthwaite, we welcomed back to the village Brenda Stewart and Steve Bingham for an evening of ‘Duos with a Difference’ which was held in St Mary’s church, Leighton Bromswold on Friday 7th September 2018. An excellent audience listened to a wide-ranging and stimulating performance on the electrical violin and viola. With a hamper auction and licensed bar the church benefitted financially as well. At 7.30am, on Saturday morning, also at the church, tea, coffee and bacon rolls were served and we managed to raise £120 for the charity, Wateraid. In the evening the church was transformed into a cinema showing the musical film, ‘The Greatest Showman,’ popcorn was served all evening. On Sunday the weekend concluded with a ‘Café Church’ which was particularly well attended.


The Leighton Bromswold Parish Council met and has agreed to purchase a state-of-the-art Defibrillator and cabinet for the village which will be located centrally. Once it is installed, hopefully very soon, a number of villagers will be trained (we are looking for volunteers) to use it although, in practice, anybody can save a life as the instructions are very clear. Thanks not only to the Parish Council but to the strong support from the villagers.

Giddings Show

Show success, Neville Cook at the Gt Gidding Show won the vegetable trophy and was also the overall winner being awarded the Fitzwilliam Trophy for the second year running.


The Parochial Church Council have appointed David Llewellyn as St Mary’s architect and his first task has been to prepare the Quniquennial report and to go through our plans for the re-ordering of the church.

Privacy Policy

Leighton Bromswold Parish Council: Privacy Policy (Summary): Leighton Bromswold Parish Council will not use your personal data in any way that goes beyond your reasonable expectations in contacting us.

Council will not store or process any personal data – other than that of Council members, sole traders and other people we work with on Council matters - except when necessary for legal, regulatory or practical requirements. When contacted by a parishioner, a Councillor will respond directly – by phone or visit – to answer or resolve the query. If the matter is not resolved, the Councillor will be responsible for removing any personal details before bringing the business to Council Meetings, or sharing correspondence that will be recorded in Council Minutes. Bohdan Mysak, Chairman Leighton Bromswold Parish Council.

Future Events

The Licensing of Carol Brennand, the Benefice’s new Priest-in-Charge, will take place at St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold on behalf of the West Leightonstone Benefice on Wednesday 3rd October 2018 at 7.30pm. The service will be conducted by The Right Reverend Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely.

Hugh West

Village Matters – August 2018 – Leighton Bromswold

Remembrance Sunday 11th November 2018

As part of the Heritage lottery Fund’s World War 1 Project, St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold decided that the ‘Roll of Honour’ and the ‘Record of Sacrifice,’ that had hung on the walls of the North Transept for nearly 100 years, needed restoring as the photographs were almost unrecognisable and the writing badly faded. A grant from them allowed Museum Conservation Service at Imperial War Museum Duxford to stabilise them over a period of 54 months and then over the next year carefully restore them. As part of the grant conditions a number of lectures to primary schools on medals generally have been held and we are also to have an exhibition in the church. On Remembrance Sunday there will be a Benefice service and it is encourage that anybody from the Benefice can wear or bring their family medals (worn on the right-hand side) and the ‘Roll of Honour’ and the ‘Record of Sacrifice’ will be re-dedicated and returned to the walls. There will be a muffled toll of bells in the morning followed by a further set of bells at 7.05pm ‘Battle over – Ringing out for Peace’ during which the Leighton Bromswold Millennium beacon will be lit.

Play Area Clean Up

On 7th July 2018 volunteers from the village cleaned up and maintained the play area – thanks to all that helped, it’s quite smart again!

Web Master Leighton Bromswold Parish Council

Leighton Bromswold Parish Council now has their very own ‘official’ web site but is now looking for a ‘web master’ to continuously maintain and update the site – contact Ramune on 01480 535265.

Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club

Rather than meeting at the Green Man on Sunday 15th July 2018, the Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club travelled a few miles to the Old Weston Garden Farm and looked around the free-range rare-breed pigs, sheep, chickens and geese and the plantation followed by scones and tea in the garden.

Mary Walters

Mary Walters lived at Top Lodge Leighton Bromswold for nearly 30 years, sadly passed away on 23rd June 2018, aged 76. She will be sadly missed by all her family and friends.

Future Events

Barn Dance – Saturday 22nd September 2018

22nd September 2018 – Barn Dance – in Leighton Bromswold’s playing field - ock ‘n’ dough band and a caller – Food, beer and wine throughout the evening.

Village Weekend – Friday 7th – Sunday 9th September 2018

On the Friday evening we welcome back Brenda Stewart and Steven Bingham who are going to give a concert in St Mary’s. Food and wine will be available during the interval and afterwards. On Saturday, again in the church, will be the family film night which will feature ‘Paddington 2’  – popcorn, drinks and snacks will be supplied. Finally, on the Sunday at 11am will be Café church.

Village Matters – June 2018 – Leighton Bromswold

Gidding’s Pilgrimage Saturday 12th May 2018

On Saturday 12th May 2018 at 10am the bells of St Mary’s rang out to start the Gidding’s Pilgrimage. This was followed by a service led by the Rt. Revd Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely and then lunch in St Mary’s at 12pm. The food and refreshments were made and served by Leighton Bromswold parishioners. The 55 pilgrims congregated at the Hundredstone, and after a short prayer, passed through Salome Wood, Hamerton, Steeple Gidding and ending up with tea at Ferrer House and evensong at Little Gidding .

Bikefest Saturday 9th June 2018

Get on your bike for charity! On Saturday 9th June 2018, Bromswold Bike Fest is an amazing and unique cycling festival that allows cyclists of all ages and all abilities to enjoy the open countryside and gently rolling hills of west Cambridgeshire while raising money for two wonderful charities: MacMillan Cancer Support (The New Woodlands Centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital) and EACH - East Anglia's Children's Hospices. All you need to do is send an email to tell us the name and address of each participant (and their age if they are under 18) and route each person wants to cycle. Details are at -

Flypast Saturday 9th June 2018

On the same day as Bikefest, The Royal Airforce Battle of Britain’s Memorial Flight’s Avro Lancaster,  PA474, one of only two Lancaster aircraft remaining in airworthy condition out of the 7,377 that were built. She has just completed a ‘major’ servicing at Duxford across the winter of 2016-17. She will be making a number of rather low passes down The Avenue starting at 1351 hours.

Marjory Linnell

The Collection at Marjory’s funeral, together with several donations, was given to St Mary’s Church, Leighton Bromswold and was gratefully received.

M&M Quiz Friday 11th May 2018 Green Man

On Friday 11th May 2018 another enjoyable quiz was held in the Green Man. Unfortunately, the winners came from outside the village and the accumulate was also not won and will be in three figures for the next quiz.

Walk to Old Weston Wednesday 30th May 2018

Our annual walk across the fields to Old Weston takes place on Wednesday 30th May 2018 starting at 6.00pm and ending at the Swan an hour later – dogs are welcome to walk!

Useless Leighton Bromswold Fact No 76

Baron Clifton, of Leighton Bromswold, who from 1597 to 1598 and also in 1601, was MP for Huntingdonshire was imprisoned in the Tower of London on 30th December 1617 for threatening Sir Francis Bacon when the latter ordered a survey of Clifton's land, he was then prosecuted by the Star Chamber on 17 March 1618 and moved to Fleet Prison, where he stabbed himself to death in the following October. His only son had died in 1602 as a result of wounds received from a local bear, which had broken free during a bear-baiting.

Village Matters – May 2018

Rotary Quiz Green Man

Thanks to all that turned out to support Rotary Quiz. It was a lovely evening, and because we had the most “bodies” we won £100.00. Although not the overall winners this time but wonderful that the money  was shared between the two charities - Shine and Riding for the Disabled. It was really pleasing that so many people turned up and helped the Green Man back up the scale to 22 out of 65 + pubs and clubs; again thank you and we will up-date you when we get the final totals.

St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold

After last year’s break-in, the church needed to be secured and only un-locked on request. The repairs have now been completed and a brand new CCTV system installed which we can monitor remotely. As is the tradition, we all assembled around the brazier in the church yard at 8.00am (Leighton Bromswold Dawn Time!) and then a service in St Mary’s, unfortunately the sun did flow through the east window due to the rather dismal weather and thanks to all who cooked everybody a bacon sandwich which were most welcome.

Curry Night – Saturday 28th April 2018

The Green Man themed meal returns to the Green Man on Saturday 28th April 2018. The multi-course meal will be cooked by members of the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee from whom you can obtain tickets. Thanks for Toni and Bill for allowing us to use their facilities.

Gidding’s Pilgrimage Saturday 12th May 2018

On Saturday 12th May 2018 at 10am the bells of St Mary’s will ring out to start the Gidding’s Pilgrimage. This will be followed by a service led by the Rt. Revd Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely and then lunch, at 12pm, which will be served for everybody before the walk to Little Gidding. This will start at 1pmat the Hundredstone and will pass through Salome Wood, Hamerton, Steeple Gidding and ending up with tea at Ferrer House and evensong at Little Gidding – further details at

Election for Parish Councillors Thursday 3rd May 2018

The whole of the Leighton Bromswold Parish Council and the Huntingdonshire District Council are up for election on Thursday 3rd May 2018. The Polling Station for Leighton Bromswold is at the Old School House.

Bikefest Saturday 9th June 2018

Get on your bike for charity! On Saturday 9th June 2018, Bromswold Bike Fest is an amazing and unique cycling festival that allows cyclists of all ages and all abilities to enjoy the open countryside and gently rolling hills of west Cambridgeshire while raising money for two wonderful charities: MacMillan Cancer Support (The New Woodlands Centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital) and EACH - East Anglia's Children's Hospices. All you need to do is send an email to tell us the name and address of each participant (and their age if they are under 18) and route each person wants to cycle. Details are at -

Flypast Saturday 9th June 2018

On the same day as Bikefest, The Royal Airforce Battle of Britain’s Memorial Flight’s Avro Lancaster -  PA474 is one of only two Lancaster aircraft remaining in airworthy condition out of the 7,377 that were built. She has just completed a ‘major’ servicing at Duxford across the winter of 2016-17. She will be making a number of passes down The Avenue – the time will be in next month’s Village Matters.

M&M Quiz at the Green Man Friday 11th May 2018

The next quiz in the Green Man is on Friday 11th May 2018 at 7.30pm.

Village Matters – Leighton Bromswold – April 2018

Leighton Bromswold Social Committee - Cheese, Meats, Wine and Beer Party

After last year’s very successful party the format was repeated this year and we thank Marianne and Peter Mallace for allowing us to use their recently extended house. 34 villagers attended and there was a wonderful spread of unusual craft cheeses and continental meats with a selection of wines and four barrels of beer.

Marjory Victoria Linnell – 1945 – 2018

Sadly, Marjory Linnell has passed away. Marjorie spent most of her life in Leighton Bromswold and her funeral will be at 10.30am in St Mary’s Church on Thursday 5th April 2018. She is survived by Peter, David her son and her three grandchildren Victoria, Mark and Jamie.

Dawn Service at St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold – Sunday 1st April 2018

This Easter there will be the traditional St Mary’s Easter Dawn Service. We will assemble around the brazier in the church yard at 8.00am (Leighton Bromswold Dawn Time!) for a few minutes, followed by a service in St Mary’s with the sun flowing through the east window lighting up the now heated chancel. After the service there will be breakfast and fellowship in the Church.

Leighton Bromswold Parish Council – Parish Meeting – Thursday 26th April 2018

On Thursday 26th April 2018, the Leighton Bromswold Parish Council is holding its annual Parish Meeting in St Mary’s church at 7.30pm.

As well as the more formal items, including reports from all the village’s organisations, there are two items that are very important to Leighton Bromswold and need to be discussed as decisions need to be made and it is imperative that everybody has the chance to air their opinion.

A discussion is needed on how the best to manage the on-going maintenance and financing of the playing field to ensure that it remains an attractive and well-used asset for the village and particularly the children into the future.

We are obliged to produce a Neighbourhood Plan to replace the now defunct Village Plan. This is important because it gives Leighton Bromswold direct power to develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area. We will be able to choose where we want, or more importantly don’t want, new homes to be built and have our say on what those new buildings should look like. Unlike the Parish Plan, this will pass some legally binding powers into the hands of us villagers.

Leighton Bromswold Social Committee - Village Food Night – Saturday 28th April 2018

The Leighton Bromswold Social Club will be returning to the Green Man to cook and serve an Indian meal for the villagers and their friends. These evenings have been very successful and sometimes nearly 100 have been catered for in the past. A flyer will come through you door in a couple of weeks’ time with all the details.

Parkinson’s UK – Sunday 15th April 2018 – Green Man

A full afternoon of live music in the garden from local bands and singers, pulled pork and burgers on the barbie! face painting for children ... all to raise money for Parkinson's UK.  A day of fun for all the family and help to raise funds for this amazing charity.  Featuring a Glitter Bar courtesy of the amazing make-up artist Kate Fletcher. The following bands and singers will be joining us: Lucy Jane Lock; False Hearts; Creedence Clearwater Review; Riff; Jay Williams; Broken Barbie Broken Barbie and Leighton Bromswold’s Simon West.






Village Matters – March 2018 – Leighton Bromswold


AGM Leighton Bromswold Social Committee

The AGM of the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee has been held at the Green Man and Gail Clark was elected chair; Nick Wood vice chair; Marianne Mallace secretary; Hugh West treasurer; Eileen Swanson; Dick Martin; Karen Russell; Joel Weaver and Antonia Grey completed the committee. The first event will be on Saturday 24th February 2018 and is a Cheese and Wine / Beer and Meat evening. Next event will be the Village Litter Pick on Sunday 18th March 2018 and a Village Food Night (Indian) will be held at the Green Man on Saturday 28th April 2018. More events have been planned for the rest of the year.


It was premature to claim that Leighton Bromswold had high speed broadband in that many of the villagers who ordered the new, higher speed broadband were totally let down by Openreach who were (miss)managing the physical connection of the fibre from the pole to the individual house. Most people found that chasing BT, or Openreach, meant a series of 40 minute phone calls waiting to be answered, only to find there was no news or to be told that the promised installation date had put back (again). Fortunately, those were lucky enough to be connected, even after much frustration and broken promises, are now benefiting from speeds of up to 300 Mbps compared to the 0.5 – 1.5 Mbps previously.

Re-opening of St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold

The repairs due to vandalism last year have now been completed and CCTV and new external security lighting is being installed enabling us to re-open the church to everybody during, initially, daylight hours.

M& M Quiz Green Man

The M& M Quiz at the Green Man attracted a wide range of villagers but the winners were from elsewhere and the ‘Wollburton Team’ won the quiz and collected £35.00. The ‘Leighton Magnificent  Seven’ of Neville, Gavin, Fiona, Linda, Dick, Jessie and Hugh only just lost having been deducted points for having too many in the team! The next quiz, some months away, will have the final round accumulator amounting to £89.00.

Men’s Prayer Group Breakfast

The dozen or so members of the Men’s Prayer Group Breakfast meet once a month on a Saturday at each other’s houses for a cooked breakfast. In February, it was decided to have an ‘away breakfast’ and almost everybody assembled to be driven to the Premier Inn at Brampton Hut where a limitless breakfast was available – excellent no cooking needed but, in all honesty, you cannot beat an imaginative  home (male) cooked meal! The March breakfast will be at Bohdan Mysak’s iand then at the Chapel in April.

Village Matters – February 2018

The Green Man

Mick and Marie are running the Green Man for three weeks is January 2018. They started with a bingo evening followed the following night with our own musician Simon West who played to a full pub for over three hours. The following weekend was a celebration of local craft beers and a ‘match 10’ quiz night.

St Mary’s Church

The lock to the tower in St Mary’s has now been replaced with a lock of about the same age as the one vandalised and will enable us to open the church more regularly. While to church is locked the key can be obtained from The Chapel or the Old School House. Over the next few weeks CCTV will be installed to improve the security.

Christmas 2017

For many years the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee fund a lunch for the entire senior’s in the village and in 2017 some 37 villagers enjoyed a three course lunch, with wine and beer, in Manor Farmhouse thanks to Jim and Celia’s hospitality. Just before Christmas, Marianne held her now traditional ‘Christmas Quiz’ in the Green Man  and after Christmas a ‘left-over’s’ evening was held at Peter and Denise’s house.

AGM Leighton Bromswold Social Committee

The Leighton Bromswold Social Committee has a good 2017 and held its AGM where the activities of 2017 were highlighted. They were – Village Little Pick; Cheese, Wine, Beer and Meat; Italian Night; Charabanc to Southwold; Mad Hatter’s Tea Party; Halloween; Bonfire Party;  Peterborough Dogs,; Father Christmas; Senior’s Lunch and finally a Christmas Quiz. Nearly £1,000 of new equipment was purchased during the year to replace worn out items and villagers can ask the committee to borrow items such as BBQ’s for their own events. Even with this expenditure, the bank balance is healthy and a new committee elected and a programme for 2018 formulated.

Leighton Bromswold Parish Council’s thanks to Leighton Bromswold’s Social Committee

The Chairman of the Leighton Bromswold Parish Council expressed his sincere thanks to the members of the Social Committee and their helpers for the great work they have done for the village in the last 12 months. What they do helps bring the community together, and, with a programme of enjoyable events, brings pleasure to many – Bohdan Mysak, Chairman Leighton Bromswold Parish Council.

Leighton Bromswold Parish Council Vacancies

The response to last month’s flyer in Village Matters successfully recruited two new Parish Councillors, Julie Taylor and Doug Swanson, however, Rachel Bosworth, who was forced to resign because of work commitments – there are therefore, two vacancies details on the enclosed flyer.


Leighton Bromswold – Village Matters – May 2017

Frank Stamper

A Leighton Bromswold farmer for most of his life, Frank sadly departed this life and his funeral service was held in St Mary’s.

Sue King

Another long-term resident of the village, Sue King, has also sadly died.

Our condolences and thoughts go to both their families, many of whom remain in the village.

Audrey Deadman

After living in the village for many years, Audrey has moved into a home in Huntingdon.





Charity Quiz

St Leonard’s Playschool and Out of School Club would like to say a huge thank you to Toni and the Green Man, Mick and Marie, all who donated raffle prizes and everybody’s support. Both the quiz and raffle were hugely successful raising £323 and great fun was had by all. Competition was high and villagers, Kevin, Dick, Peter, Doug, Tim and John coming out winners. Sandrine Roberts.

 St Ives Rotary Club Quiz

The Green Man entered a team this year but came 11th out of over 50 other pub teams.

Cheese, Meat, Beer and Wine Evening

Thanks to Doug and Eileen Swanson who hosted the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee’s annual event. As well as bottles of wine and a fine selection of cheeses, 4 barrels of beer were consumed together with cuts of cold meats. Some 35 villagers took part and there was little left over.

Chicken Rustling

Now chickens are allowed out of doors again they don’t seem to know were ‘home is’ and a number have moved to other people’s runs only for their rightful owners to go round the village looking for their own.

Leighton Bromswold Facts – No 45

In 1854, two carpenters, a butcher, a shopkeeper, a publican, a general merchant, two shoe makers, a baker, two blacksmiths, two smallholders, seven farmers and a tailor were in business in Leighton Bromswold.

Future Events

4th May 2017, County and Mayor Elections; 11th May 2017 Parish Council Annual meeting, St Mary’s; 19th May 2017 M&M Quiz. Green Man and 20th May 2017 Gidding Pilgrimage starting at St Mary’s.


Village Maters – April 2017

Funeral of Peter Mear

The funeral of Peter Mear was held at All Saints Church in Chigwell, East London at the end of February 2017 and many of his friends and colleagues from Leighton Bromswold drove down to the well-attended service. Much of Pete’s own music was performed during the service.

M&M Quiz

13 teams contested the M&M February quiz which resulted in a tight finish and the winners, on 54 points were a team from the village Celia Bennett, Bohdan and Margaret Mysak with Hugh and Linda West sharing the prize of £61.00.

The next M&M quiz will be held 9th May 2017 and the accumulator has risen to £168.00

Leighton Bromswold Parish Council

There are three casual vacancies for the Leighton Bromswold Parish Council and anybody interested please contact our Chairman, Bohdan at or 01480 891322.

The Annual Parish Meeting will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 25th April 2017 in St Mary’s church.

Gardening Club AGM

The Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club had its first meeting of the year on 26th February 2017. Neville Cook, Bohdan Mysak and Daren Hinchliffe were re-elected as Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary respectively. Members were provided with their competition seeds for the year to see who can grow the biggest, tallest, and fattest of various vegetables. Dates were provisionally set for the annual garden walk around on 17th June 2017 and the end of season Pickle Party and prize-giving on 5th November 2017.

Village Litter Pick

The annual village litter pick took place in February and it extended to all the roads leading out of the village and many children took part. It’s a shame that there was commercial fly tipping almost immediately afterwards. Removal of fly tipping can be reported at -

Gidding’s Pilgrimage 2017

On 20th May 017 the annual Gidding’s Pilgrimage starts at 11.00am with a service in St Mary’s followed by a sit-down lunch before the pilgrimage starts at 1.00pm for their walk to Little Gidding.

Useless Leighton Bromswold Facts No 61

Most of Leighton Bromswold, bought by the Church Commissioners in 1853, was subsequently individually resold and many have a clause in their deeds which reads ‘The manufacture, distribution, sale or supply of intoxicating liquors nor for any purpose in connection with the organisation of practice of gambling in any of its forms nor as a public dance hall’ The Green Man is exempt!

Village Matters March 2017 – Leighton Bromswold

Pete Mear

Pete Mear who was resident in Leighton Bromswold from 1996 to 2012 has sadly died of cancer aged 58. He was widely known for his musical prowess and performed many times in the Green Man, St Mary’s church and in local venues as well as producing an album "Pressing On".  However, he may be most fondly remembered for his warm-hearted generosity and willingness to give of his time to anyone. He was a big man in every sense and a much loved worship leader for Leighton Life Group for over a decade and founder member of the men's breakfast. He ran a Concrete repair business and left the village in 2012 when this had difficulties, but had restored its fortunes while living in Camborne. Our thoughts and prayers are with Rita, his mother and brothers.

Simon West

Pub sitters, Mick and Marie organised an evening at the Green Man which was filled with villagers and friends to hear our own Simon West sing for nearly three hours, including a number of his own compositions. The evening was in aid of the SHINE charity and £342.78 was raised – a very enjoyable evening.

Leighton Bromswold facts No 13

The whole of the parish of Leighton Bromswold, with the exception of the Church and the Vicarage, has been in traceable sole ownership since King Canute gave the land to Turchil the Dane in 1035 and remained so until late 1853 when the whole village was sold for £108,000 to the Church Commissioners. The Parish boundary has not altered since the 11th century.

Village Diary

The village Diary for 2017 is on the Friends of Leighton Bromswold Facebook on, on the village web site and on the notice board.

Events in March 2017 -

9th March 2017 - 8.00pm Green Man – Parish Council Meeting

18th March 2017 – Cheese, Meat, Wine and Beer Evening – Leighton Bromswold Social Committee



Village Matters – February 2017


During January, villagers Maria Kadiri and Daren Hinchliffe married on a snowy January morning; we wish them well now and into the future.

Christmas Events.

On the Sunday before Christmas, Father Christmas visited the village and every single child received a present from him. A few days later, the Seniors Christmas Lunch was held at Celia Bennett’s house and 27 villagers enjoyed a two course, sit-down, Christmas turkey dinner washed down with one or two (or more) bottles of wine. The meal was cooked by villager Tom xxxxxxxx and served by the (slightly) younger villagers – thanks to Celia and Tom xxxxxxx  and to the Leighton Bromswold Social Club who organised and funded the celebrations.

Leighton Bromswold Social Club

Leighton Bromswold Social Club have held their AGM, the following were elected to the 2017 committee - Dick Martin, Marianne Mallace, Eileen Swanson, Karen Russell, Nick Wood, Gail Clark, Antonia Grey, Joel Weaver (new to committee) Daren & Marie Hinchliffe, Chris Bennett and Hugh West, In addition there are a number of ‘helpers’ wo will support the 2017 programme of social events.

Winter Walk

Just after the start of the New Year, many villagers joined together to walk from Leighton Bromswold to the Racehorse in Catworth were they joined some other villagers for lunch. The walk entailed crossing the A14 which was quite exciting! – thanks to Gavin Troughton for selecting the route.

Green Man Activities

Mick and Marie Everett ran the Green Man during January and arranged a number of evening events, including a fun bingo and a quiz.


Fantasy Football

Gavin Troughton’s ‘Bluenred’ is still in the lead with newly-wed Daren Hinchliffe’s ‘Schweinstein a go go’ narrowing the gap during the month. Graham Freeman’s ‘Racing Perostaunch’ was the highest riser and the real surprise of the month was that Hugh West’s ‘Hughsmiddleorder’ was manager of the month after eight years of trying!

New to Village

Chris, Amy, Ruben and Finley Blake have moved into the Old Weston end of Leighton Bromswold and Diane and Lenny have moved to the centre of the village in Miriam’s old bungalow. We welcome them all.

Future Events


Nobody won the accumulator (getting all ten questions correct) in the December ‘M&M’ Quiz, so the money, now £107, rolls-over to next time which will be held in the Green Man on Friday 17th February 2017 at 7.30pm. Wishing you all a prosperous and enjoyable 2017 – Hugh West.


Village Matters- January 2017

Leighton Bromswold Social Committee

The AGM of the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee will take place at 12.00pm on Sunday 8th January 2017 in the Green Man. Next month, we will report on the Seniors’ sit-down Christmas Dinner which was held at Celia Bennet’s house (thank you), the Social Committee’s Christmas Quiz (run by Marianne and will certainly have had a question or two about reindeer!) and Father Christmas will have distributed presents to all the children in the village on the green.

 Green Man in January

Mick and Marie Everett will be running the Green Man for most of January 2017 and on Fridays and Saturdays the pub will open at 5.00pm. They have also and have arranged a number of events -

Friday 6th January 2017 - Fun Bingo (7.30)

Friday 13th January 2017 (7.30) - M & M Match 10 Quiz

Saturday 21st January 2017 (7.30pm) – Live Music with Leighton Bromswold’s Simon West to support SHINE Charity -

There are, hopefully, other events - look at the Leighton Bromswold Facebook page - for the latest news.

Village Men’s night out

The group that normally attends the monthly men’s breakfast had an evening out away from the village, by having dinner at the new Wetherspoon’s in Standford House opposite the station in Huntingdon. It was the home of coach builder Charles Sandford Windover, whose large factory next door built horse-drawn carriages for royalty before turning its hand to car bodies, including 800 for Rolls Royce.

M&M Quiz – Green Man

The latest M&M Quiz saw ‘Village People’ the winners on 59 points, they were followed by ‘Round Table’, ‘Sparrow’s Nest’ and ‘No 6’.

Nobody won the accumulator (getting all ten questions correct) so the money, now £107, rolls-over to next time which will be held in the Green Man on Friday 13th January 2017 at 7.30pm.

Leighton Bromswold Parish Council

There are still two vacancies on the Council and Gavin Troughton has been elected Vice Chairman of Leighton Bromswold Parish Council. At its most recent meeting a proposed a Precept for 2017-2018, £6,180, was agreed.

The Parish Council is looking for volunteers to help keep with the grass cutting and generally ensuring the churchyard is neat and tidy. The next meeting is on Thursday 12th January 2017 at 8.00pm in the Green Man.

Miriam Payne

Another long-standing resident, Miriam Payne, has left the village to be nearer her family on the South Coast. For many years, she has been a member of the Parochial Church Council and the Life Group and has made thousands of cups of tea as refreshments after services in St Mary’s. We wish her happiness in her new home.

Harry Soanes

The funeral, and burial, of Harry Soanes took place on Tuesday 6th December 2016 at St Mary’s Church. He has been laid to rest next to his wife Cecilia. They lived for many years at No 28 The Avenue Leighton Bromswold.



Village Matters – December 2016 – Leighton Bromswold

Greyhound Night

For the first time, the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee organised an evening trip to Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, some 18 people enjoyed an extensive card of racing though there were as many losers as winners. During the evening food was served at the tables overlooking the track.

Fantasy Football

Now in its third month and it’s a bit familiar with Gavin Troughton edging ahead yet again, Hugh West, never mentioned in the same breath as our leader, was 2nd for almost four hours but has now become the biggest dropper down to 17th place by the end of the month. Thomas Moore and Gavin Troughton have each won ‘Manager of the Month.’ For my own safety I will not now be mentioning the name of the wooden spoon holder but at the moment it is ……….!

Leighton Bromswold Parish Council

The Parish Council has two vacancies at the present time, as the correct procedures have been followed, the vacancies would be by co-option and not by election – anybody interested please contact Bohdan Mysak the next meeting is Thursday 12th January 2017.

Village Web Site

A new, professional, Village Web site will be up-and-running by the New Year.

Cheese and Pickle Party

The long awaited pickle party and prize giving of the Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club has taken place and 36 villagers assembled at the Green Man for the event. The 2016 Winners – Neville Cook, Sunflower, Onion, Longest Carrot, Best Parsnip, Longest Parsnip, Leek and Cooking Apples. Other winners were allowed and were – Carol Greed, Pumpkin; Penny Wood, Best Carrot, Cauliflower and Runner Bean; Toni Hannagan, Desert Apples; Hanging Basket, Jenny Saunders and Mystery Seed, Nick Wood.

Bonfire Night

On a still evening the annual Bonfire Party took place in Geoffrey Taylor’s field in the middle of the village following on from a supervised ‘Trick or Treat’ through the village. A wonderful firework display was visible and burgers, sausages, beer and mulled wine completed what was an excellent evening.


Steve Roberts, multiple national BMW champion laid on a day at Rockingham Speedway outside Corby whereby for a small donation he would drive you round at racing speeds. As with all motor sport, reliability is not guaranteed and it was fortunate that a reserve vehicle was available for the remaining guests. The event was to raise money for Teddy to raise money for his wheel chair and other equipment and this event alone raised £675.00!

Leighton Bromswold’s Past

In 1660, there were 20 cottages down Sheep Street and at the same time there were 28 cottages down either side of The Avenue and 7 in Church Lane.

Future Events

Christmas Quiz – Green Man - Friday 16th December 2016 @ 7.30pm


Village Matters – November 2016


Rotary Club Quiz

The annual inter-pub quiz saw the team from the Green Man coming 9th out of nearly 50 Cambridgeshire Pubs and the prize was given to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Leaving Village

After many years, Ken and Sue Edwards have moved away from Leighton Bromswold to their new home in Sawtry. Both were very active members of both the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee and Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club and Ken relentlessly raised funds though, amongst other things, the Auction of Promises which raised over £3,500 each year in its last four years,

New to Village

We welcome Julie and John Caress from Little Paxton who have moved into Staunch Hill.

 David Houghton

Another long standing villager, David Houghton, sadly died during the month. Our condolences and thoughts go to his wife Sue and children Megan and Andrew.

Sylvia Stamper

After over 40 years on St Mary’s Parochial Church Council, Sylvia Stamper has decided to retire. Everybody thanks her for all the support she has given to St Mary’s church over such a long time.

Harvest Lunch

After the ‘Germinate’ service 29 parishioners sat down, outside, for a hot Harvest Lunch complete with a sweet and the harvest offerings and potted plants were sold off. At the previous month’s breakfast £140.00 was donated to Strangward Trust.

Forthcoming Events

Trick or Treating & Bonfire Night Bedlam

Saturday 29th October 2016, 6.00pm for Trick or Treat with petrifying pumpkin competition. Bonfire to be lit at 7.00pm – 7.15pm, warming food, beer, mulled wine and soft drinks available. There could well be a firework display within view! (weather dependent). No entry charge.

Alice Band at Kimbolton Fireworks

Villager Simon West’s ‘Alice Band’ is headlining at the Kimbolton fireworks and laser spectacular on Friday 4th November 2016 where an estimated 10,000 people will enjoy the music, fireworks, laser show,  funfair, food stalls and bars at Kimbolton Castle. Doors open at 6.00pm, fireworks at 8.00pm.

Dog Racing

Leighton Bromswold Social Committee are organising an evening trip, with dinner, to Peterborough Greyhound Stadium on Friday 11th November 2016.


Village Matters – October 2016

Albina Wilson’s 100th

On Tuesday 30th August 2016, villager, Albina Wilson celebrated her 100th birthday and many of her family and friends visited her to wish her all the best over a glass of champagne during a full day of celebrations. Her day started with the arrival of a personally signed card from Her Majesty the Queen congratulating her on reaching this significant birthday. We think Albina is the first person living in Leighton Bromswold who has reached 100.

Ron Bird’s Memorial Seat

Ronald (Dickie) Bird not only lived in Leighton Bromswold for most of his life but was also the centre of the successful Leighton Bromswold Cricket Club. Ron, a player of some note and subsequently an umpire, also kept the village cricket pitch near Castle House in immaculate condition. To celebrate his life in the village, a commemorative bench outside the Green Man (where he was a regular) was unveiled in front of a large crowd of family and friends.

Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club

The Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club took their produce to the Annual Great Gidding’s Competition and came away with - Firsts for Penny Wood, longest bean; George Higgins, shallots; Neville Cook and Penny Wood, Top Tray; Neville Cook, onions, largest marrow, coloured Potatoes, largest onion, tomatoes, and cooking apples; and a Third for Celia Bennett for Dessert Apples.                 

 Leighton Bromswold Fantasy Football

The Leighton Bromswold Fantasy Football for 2016 and 2017 started and after four weeks the Troughton’s, Gavin and James, are joint leaders, as it was for most of last year! However, just 2 points behind them is the previous multiple wooden spoon winner, Hugh West. John Clifton is propping up the table.


The scratch team from Leighton Bromswold beat the village of Catworth for the 4th consecutive year running, a barrel of beer and a BBQ kept the players and the crowd fed and watered during the afternoon.

Mini Village Festival Weekend 10th – 11th September 2016

This year the Village Festival was limited to two days and started on Saturday morning with bacon butties in the churchyard, donations collected for equipment for Teddy Betts. Following on, the evening started with a children’s film – ‘The New Jungle Book’ followed later in the evening by the film ‘Lady in a Van’ free popcorn was provided and the bar was open all evening.

The following day, Café Church was led by Jon Saunders, which consisted of an informal service, re-enactments, a quiz all with continuous music with coffee, tea and cakes.

Did you know?

There have been 67 ‘owners’ of the Parish of Leighton Bromswold, the boundary of which has not changed in over 1,000 years, the first, non-royal, being Turquetil de Bastenbourg de Bricquebec (known to his friends, as ‘Turchil the Dane’) in 1016 as a gift from King Cnut, through 9 centuries, to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners (subsequently Church Commissioners) who bought the whole village for £108,400 in 1853 and from 1960 started selling individual houses retaining only a few leasehold farms. A detailed list of every Prebendary of Leighton Manor, with the dates of ownership, is available on the entrance table in St Mary’s.



Village Matters – September 2016

Fantasy Football BBQ

Gavin and Fiona Troughton kindly hosted the annual Fantasy Football BBQ with Dick Martin deputising for his daughter, Laura, who as wooden spoon winner supplied the beer and food. During the afternoon the prizes were given to all the winners including the monthly ‘Manager of the Month’

The new Fantasy Football has just started and anybody who wishes to join please contact Daren on

Teddy’s Fund Raiser

Villager Steve Roberts, national champion for the BMW Compact Cup in 2012, 2013 and 2015 is offering three lap passenger rides at racing speed at Rockingham International Speedway on Saturday 22nd October 2016 in order to raise fund for young Teddy who needs a special wheelchair that costs £6,000.  Tickets are available at the Green Man or from ffabrose@aol,com.

Garden Walk Around

At 11am in late-July 16 members of the Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club met at the Green Man where Toni Hannigan showed everybody around her surprising large garden. Then across the road to Gavin and Fiona Troughton’s garden before moving onto The Avenue to see Leslie and Mick Staddon who hosted lunch and in the afternoon the gardens of George and Jacquie Higgins and Eileen and Doug Swanson were toured. Traditionally, a number of drinks are consumed at each garden!

Green Man

On a very sunny Saturday in August Gina Silburn sang until the early evening in the Garden of the Green Man whilst Bill cooked  burgers and sausages on the BBQ.

Hugh West

Village Matters – Leighton Bromswold - -August 2016

The Noughty Party 2016 – 420 Years of Partying Experience

Having thought that Leighton Bikefest was the biggest event of the year, along came - ‘The Noughty Party 2016.’ This was organised to celebrate Peter Lane; Tim Peagram; Bob & Judy Hart; Carol Greed; Janet Clifton and Mandy Attfield’s joint significant birthdays. The Party was held at Peter and Denise Lane’s Home Farm. In their field four marquees were erected, one for the bands and dancing, a couple for seating and the final one for 10 large barrels of beer and countless bottles of wine. The start of the day was overcast and very wet but at 3.00pm, with clear dry skies, the afternoon started with a professional jive dancing lesson and about 40 people took part, changing partners all the time. Then the first band, Shambles, played until about 7.00pm when the food arrived. Three giant pans served a choice of vegetarian, fish or chicken paella and a large hog roast offered the culinary alternative. The main band, Easy Livin’, played until nearly midnight when most of the 350 guests retuned either to their homes or to their tents.


The Leighton Bromswold Social Committee organised their annual charabanc trip to Southwold and 26 adults and 12 children and one barrel of beer assembled on the coach at 8.00am. The morning started bright but around lunchtime the weather became inclement and this prevented the usual cricket match on the beach or swimming. However, at Southwold there are many other activities such as fishing off the pier; visiting Adnams Brewery and Distillery or the impressive lighthouse. Everybody, with the exception of the barrel of beer, returned safely.

Fish and Chip Walk

Jon Saunders organised an evening walk from Leighton Bromswold to Old Weston which was blessed with sunshine. 21 villagers, and a few dogs, eventually assembled in the Swan and ate a hearty fish and chip dinner with mussy peas.

Men’s Breakfast

The July ‘Men’s Breakfast’ was hosted by Jon Auty at the Forge and thirteen sat down for a traditionally cooked English breakfast. What was particularly pleasing was that John Sadler and Matt Bell who used to live in the village but now live in Australia and the United States respectively joined us. They and Helen, Mary, Zoe and Carrie, are spending a few days in Leighton Bromswold and the The Noughty Party 2016 before visiting other friends and family – welcome back!

New to Village

We welcome Ross Hellary, Katie Read, Jessica Memarzia and Mark Cousins to the Avenue.

Village Updates

The new, revised, bus service timetable has just been introduced and the first fibre optic cables have started to appear in the village with connection planned in about four months.

Hugh West

Village Matters – July 2016

Leighton Bikefest

The major event of the year is the third annual Bromswold Bike Fest which was an amazing and unique cycling festival that allows cyclists of all ages and all abilities to enjoy the open countryside and gently rolling hills of west Cambridgeshire. The event started early in the morning with a cooked breakfast and when then 232 (182 adults - 30 completing 70 miles, and 50 children, three of which completed 50 miles) cyclists return there was an extensive BBQ, the PCC ran a cake and tea stall, there was a beer and Pimms’ tent, stalls operated by the charities, face painting, hoopla, plant stalls, all raising money for two wonderful charities: ‘MacMillan Cancer Support’ (The New Woodlands Centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital) and ‘Shine.’ The live music was supplied all afternoon by the HuMS Big Band. Exactly on time, a Hawker Hurricane conducted a number of (very) low level passes to end the afternoon. In the evening Leighton Bromswold’s Simon West played and sang until the Green Man closed. Thanks to everybody who organised, attended and cleared-up, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile day and raised over £6700, up £1,500, on last year, for the charities.

Queen’s Birthday Party

On the Sunday following the Leighton Bikefest, many villagers assembled on the village green for a celebration picnic. After a fine Saturday, Sunday was a little damp and we were are pleased that the village’s marquee was available.

Gidding’s Pilgrimage

The annual Gidding’s Pilgrimage started St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold on Saturday 21 May lead by  be the Very Revd Frances Ward, the Dean of St Edmundsbury and Chair of the Little Gidding Trust. The bells were rung and after the sung service the Parochial Church Council provided a sit-down lunch for all the pilgrims who then assembled by the Hundredstone before their afternoon walk to Little Gidding.

Fantasy Football 2015 - 2016

There were 38 teams for 2015-2016. Overall Winner was Gavin Troughton’s ‘Rednwhite team’, with 1,898 points. Runner-up was Marie Kadiri’s’ Maries Minions’, with 1,868 points. The Wooden Spoon went to Laura Martin’s ‘22 Fabulous Feet’ with 1,154 points and will be funding the BBQ and beer at the awards afternoon to be held at Gavin Troughton’s house later in the year. Starting XI Winner was Rhys Iron’s ‘Rooster’s XI’, with 1,458 points and the final prize will go to Daren Hinchliffe’s ‘Lallanas Pyjamas’ for his Manager’s Decisions with netted an improvement of 696 points.

 Safari Supper

In the evening, the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee held an around village ‘Safari Supper.’ The evening was themed ‘Shakespearian Characters’ (including bottom!) and had a ‘Shakespearian menu.’ Some 37 villagers assembled at 6.00pm at the church end of the village with ample supply of wine for the evening for oeuvres and Champaign at Karen Russell’s house, a range of starters at Kevin and Clare Simonis’s house. Then down the hill for the main course at Peter and Denise Lane’s Home Farm. Back up the hill and to the far end of village for sweets which were served at Doug and Ellen Swanson’s house and the evening ended with liqueurs and cheese and biscuits at Peter and Marianne Mallace’s House well into the next day.

 Parish Council Annual Meeting

The Leighton Bromswold Parish Council held its Annual Meeting in St Mary’s church and Boden Mysak was elected Chairman with Kevin Simonis as his deputy. Other councillors are Gavin Troughton, Neville Cook and Hugh West and portfolios distributed. The Clerk is Ramune Mimiene and can be contacted at

Barnsdale Gardens

13 members of The Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club visited Barnsdale Gardens near Oakham on a sunny Saturday and viewed the 38 individual gardens in their 8 acre site. After purchasing some plants a few additional villagers joined for a picnic lunch overlooking Rutland Water.

 Janet and John’s Clifton’s wedding celebrations

Whilst few attended Janet and John’s wedding in sunny Grenada, they held an extensive celebratory reception in the village marquee and in the adjacent Green Man with literally hundreds of guests watered, or should I say wined, fed and entertained all evening.


At last some news, BT have finished their survey and plans for installing higher speed Broadband in Leighton Bromswold and the completion date is planned for May 2017 and when installed villagers will be able to order the standard fibre products (such as BT infinity) but would also be able to order faster speeds if they wish as the new FTTP technology is capable of speeds up to 330Mbps. To press for a speedier response almost half the households have taken part in a survey, which was last carried out in 2011 and before that 2009, and the results sent to Cambridgeshire County Council, Connecting Cambridgeshire and BT – thanks for everybody taking part in the survey which is available on Leighton Bromswold’s Facebook -


Village Matters April 2016 – Leighton Bromswold

Cheese, Beer, Wine and Meats Evening

The Leighton Bromswold Social Committee held their Cheese, Beer, Wine and Meats Evening at Marianne and Peter Mallace’s house and over 40 villagers attended. There were ten different bottles of Marks and Spencer wine available and four kegs of beer from ‘Nene Valley Breweries’ which were only just enough. On the food side there were seven varieties of cold meats and an unusual range of twelve English cheeses from ‘Cheese on the Green.’

Fantasy Football

 With Just weeks to go Marie Kadiri retains her lead, just, over Gavin and James Troughton and Daren Hinchliffe who between them hold the next five places. It looks as though all is lost for Laura Martin who now is over 100 points behind in a firm bottom place.

Leighton Bromswold Parish Council

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held in St Mary’s church on Thursday 12th May 2016 at 7.30pm. This will be followed by the Annual Meeting of Parish Council at around 8.00pm. There are currently two vacancies to Leighton Bromswold Parish Council if anybody is interested please contact the Chairman Bohdan Mysak. We have five litter bins on the verges in the village which are normally emptied by Huntingdonshire District Council every two weeks. However, they have written to the Parish Council to say that they will only empty the bins in future if the Parish Council pay HDC over £1,000 which we think is excessive!

Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club

This meets fortnightly in the Green Man on a Sunday at 1.00pm where plants and seeds are swapped and advice given on all matters relating to vegetables and flowers. On Sunday 5nd June 2016 the Gardening Club will be visiting Barnsdale Gardens near Oakham. One member reported that his shed had been broken into and the lawnmower removed only to find that his garden had been neatly mowed and the lawnmower returned!

Welcome to the Village

Welcome to Mikayla Burton-Aldous and Adam Kelly to Leighton Bromswold.

Events in the near future –

Cream Teas – 2nd May 2016 - Bank Holiday Monday – St Mary’s Church

Giddings Pilgrimage – 21st May 2016 – St Mary’s Church




Village Matter – April 2016

AGM of Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club

Some 25 people attended the annual general meeting of the Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club and were given a report of a successful year. Certificates and prizes were given out to the winners of the various competitions for 2015 and it was reported that we are financially self-sufficient and that membership continued as being a one-off, for life family membership of £5.00.

After many years, Tim Peagram stood down as secretary and in an unattested election; Daren Hinchliffe is our new secretary. Bohdan Mysak remains as Treasurer and it would not be the Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club without Neville Cook who remains Chairman.

For the 2016 competition, seeds for each of the categories were distributed and Toni Hanagan donated ‘mystery’ seeds. The annual garden walk-about will take place on Saturday 16th July 2016.

Leighton Bromswold Fantasy Football

Marie Kadiri has retaken the lead from Gavin Troughton who now has two of the top three teams. The families of 45 The Avenue and 7 Staunch Hill have now monopolised the top six places. Laura Martin is firmly last, but rather than hosting the wooden spoon BBQ she has left the village for Bristol!


The Leighton Bromswold Social Committee held their first ever bingo night in the Green Man. The evening was successfully run and between games the Green Man served a hot buffet.

New Trees

The Parish Council have purchase 50 trees a few have gone into The Avenue to replaces those culled but the majority have been planted alongside the footpaths surrounding the village.

Leaving Village

This month we have lost from the village Paul, Tamsin, Oscar and Zack; Andrew, Claire and Savannah and the Jackson family. Wish them all well for the future.

Village Notice Board

Our Village notice board is going through a series of disasters, in the 2015 storms it fell over and was re-instated with new posts with the assistance of a grant from Village Matters. Then in the 2016 storm a door flew off and now one of the panels of glass has been smashed. The Parish Council are in the process of repairing and updating.

Under the notice board and outside the Church attractive troughs have been filled with flowers.

Forthcoming Events

On Saturday 16th April 2016, the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee will be holding their annual Cheese Wine and Beer evening. On Monday 25th April 2016 the AGM of the Parochial Church Council will take place. A full calendar is on what’s left of the notice board and it is also on Facebook and the village website


Leighton Bromswold Village Matters – March 2016

Footpath Signs

Over the winter every single footpath sign has been removed and replaced by new ones that give not on the destination but also the distance.

Some of the footpaths in Leighton Bromswold have been changed, the most significant one is that the footpath from the Avenue through Geoffrey Taylor’s farm yard that is being replaced by a new footpath between 40 and 42 The Avenue.

Thanks to Gavin Troughton who not only organised the new signs but did all of the dismantling and re-assembly.

Fantasy Football

In the village Fantasy Football, Gavin Troughton has now consolidated his lead over Marie Kadiri and Daren Hinchliffe and will take some catching and there is still interest in who wins the wooden spoon as they will have to host, and part fund, the annual end-of-season BBQ!

Village Sign

Some years ago it was decided that Leighton Bromswold would have a village sign but it did not proceed at the time. The idea is now being re-visited and Village Matters has already offered to contribute to its cost.

The procedure takes some time as Planning Permission is required from Huntingdonshire District Council but as it will be on Highway’s Land their permission is needed also.

In the meantime, we are looking at ideas to incorporate into the sign which reflects Leighton Bromswold life – contact if you can help.


On Saturday 11th June 2016 the Leighton Bromswold Bike Fest will take place for the third year. An additional event this year will be a flypast by the Battle of Britain Memorial flight with a Spitfire or a Hurricane.

This should be even bigger and better than the previous two years.

Village Diary

The Village Diary for 2016 has been published as is on Leighton Bromswold’s Facebook, our web site and the notice board, which, unfortunately, was badly damaged during the February storms. It should be pointed out that some events and dates may change over the year.

March Events

Saturday 5th March 2016 – ‘Clean for the Queen’ Village and Churchyard tidy-up.

Wednesday 9th March 2016 Social Committee Bingo

13th March 2016 – Annual General Meeting of the Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club – Green Man 

Village Matters January 2016

 WW1 Bid

 For 95 years two framed documents have been on the walls of the North Transept of St Mary’s. They are The Roll of Honour and the Record of Sacrifice, the latter containing original photographs of the Leighton Lads that gave their lives for our Country. Unfortunately, the cold and damp have severely damaged them and they were removed and sent to a conservator for assessment some time ago. It has been confirmed that they can be restored reasonably well and the plan is for them to be conserved and the originals lodged with the County Records Office where they can be safely kept and for facsimiles to be returned to the Church. However, the cost is quite high and we are, therefore, applying for a Heritage Lottery Grant under their First World War: Then and Now programme.

 In order to be successful in our bid we need to also to involve the community and the current idea is that if anybody, and particularly the children attending Brington CE School, have relative’s First World War medals, they can contact me at, they will then be photographed with details showing the relationship with the holder and the current relative and hopefully, some information about the recipient.

 When completed, the photographs will be mounted on a number of panels for an exhibition and talk that will be held in the school and subsequently in each of the Benefice church’s starting on Remembrance Sunday 2016 at St Mary’s when it is also hoped that the medals will be worn, or displayed, at the re-dedication of the facsimiles.

 Christmas Quiz

 Not only was it a very enjoyable and light hearted Christmas Quiz but it was combined with enthusiastic carol singing. Thanks go to Marianne Mallace for organising and delivering the quiz and the Green Man for hosting us and the smallest team of Pat Moore, Paul Kay and the bar staff being the winners of the quiz.

 Father Christmas visits Leighton Bromswold

 There seemed to be even more children assembled outside the Green Man this year, all eager to await the arrival of Father Christmas who was promptly on time and distributed a present to every single Leighton Bromswold child. Mulled wine and Christmas Fare were served for everybody.

 Christmas Crib and Carol Service

 St Mary’s hosted, on Christmas Eve, a very well attended Crib and Carol service. The nativity was acted out by the younger children and the carols were sung to the accompaniment of the Leighton Bromswold orchestra.

 Leighton Bromswold Social Committee

 The Leighton Bromswold Social Committee met on Sunday 17th January 2016 and reported on a very successful year. The Marquee had been loaned out five times and 8 events were organised by the committee – Chesses and Wine; Egg Rolling; Bikefest Stall; Seaside trip to Southwold; Christmas Quiz; Bonfire Celebrations; Seniors’ Lunch and gifts for every child in the village at Christmas. Just under £5,000 is carried forward to the new committee which now consists of 19 villagers. The officers are Nick Wood-Chairman; Graham Freeman-Vice Chairman; Marianne Mallace-Secretary and Hugh West-Treasurer.

 Future Events

 The first M&M quiz of 2016 takes place in the Green Man on Friday 19th February 2016.


Village Matters – December 2015 –Leighton Bromswold

Katherine of Aragon

HRH Charles, Prince of Wales made a personal visit to St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold on 31st July 1998 and with the exception of His Royal Highness, there has been little royal connection with St Mary’s. However, Katherine of Aragon, the first wife of Henry VIII, died in Kimbolton Castle, on 7th January 1576 and for some time she rested in the chapel of Kimbolton Castle. On 26th January 1576, a formal dinner was held with the Countess of Surrey, acting as chief mourner. The following day, 27th January 1576, a mass was celebrated and then Katherine’s coffin began its journey to Peterborough. The procession consisted of a crucifer, sixteen priests and gentlemen, Katherine’s chamberlain and steward carrying their rods of office, around ten heralds wearing mourning hoods, the wagon bearing the coffin and escorted by thirty-six maids and fifty gentlemen servants all carrying torches, seven ladies acting as chief mourners, and nine ladies who were the wives of local knights completed the entourage. On that evening the procession halted and her lead coffin was rested in the nave of St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold over-night. Early the following morning the procession proceeded towards Peterborough where they halted at Sawtry Abbey and Katherine’s coffin was taken to the choir of the church there and placed under a canopy. The Abbot, William Angell, burned 408 candles in an overnight vigil on the 28th January 1576, the following day, 29th January 1576, she was buried in Peterborough Abbey.

Senior’s Lunch

Our annual seniors’ lunch took place at midday on Wednesday 16th December 2015 and 28 villagers assembled at midday kindly hosted at Kevin and Clare’s house at 1 The Avenue. After introductory drinks the seniors’ were served a wide ranging buffet followed by traditional mince pies and Christmas Cake before returning home late in the afternoon.


We have a new leader this month with Marie Kadiri’s ‘Maries Minions’ leaping into the lead and winning the Manager of the Month award. Unfortunately, the Wooden Spoon is securely in the hands of Pat Moore’s aptly named ‘Sporting Morepain FC’

Parish Council Vacancies

There are two vacancies on the Leighton Bromswold Parish Council if anybody is interested in being co-opted please contact Bohdan Mysak on or through the official         e-mail of Leighton Bromswold Parish Council - The next meeting is in the Green Man on Thursday 11th January 2016.

The minutes of Leighton Bromswold Parish Council are held on the St Mary’s web site which is -  on this site is a Guest Book and a previous landlord of the Green Man has been in touch, his e-mail address is there.

Other Events

On Sunday 17th January 2016 the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee will hold its AGM in the Green Man around midday and the Parochial Church Council meets on Tuesday 26th January 2016.





Village Matters - November 2015

Ely Cathedral

Some villagers travelled to Ely Cathedral to watch a performance of ‘Carmina Burana’ performed by the Ely Sinfonia conducted by Catworth’s Stephen Bingham with Rev. Brenda Stewart contributing by playing a wide variety of percussion instruments in what was a stirring and highly professional performance. Unfortunately, the soloist for the first half was ill and Stephen and Brenda stepped in on the day with a number of compositions for violin and viola.

English BMW Champion

Leighton Bromswold Villager, Steve Roberts, is the new English Compact Cup Champion in his BMW E36/5 318ti for 2015 having competed in 10 races and has been on the podiums 9 times of which 8 of them were as the race winner, he ended up 29 points ahead of the field. The championship has been featured on Motors TV Sky.

Bonfire Night

Leighton Bromswold held their annual bonfire party with mulled wine and a BBQ and was lucky enough to see an excellent firework display in an adjoining property. Meanwhile, Kimbolton Fireworks took place to an audience of 10,000 and Leighton Bromswold’s Simon West fronted the ever popular ‘Alice Band’ who entertained the audience for over two hours before and after the fireworks on a spectacular stage which included lasers and searchlights.

Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club

The prize giving of the Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club took place at the Green Man. Prizes were won by Penny Wood (Multiple!), Celia Bennett, Antonia Grey, Ken Edwards, Neville Cook Carol Greed and Janet Le Gallois and John Clifton. Toni Hannigan was the first one to guess the Mystery Plant. After the prize giving the members enjoyed a bring-and-share Cheese and homemade Pickle Party.

PCC Meeting

Sue Milton and Julie Fox visited St Mary’s and kindly gave advice to the PCC about the re-ordering planned for our church based on the experience they had had in their own church, St Mary’s Huntingdon.

Green Man Quiz

The regular Quiz has been held in the Green Man and 9 teams took part the winning team scored 55 points and it included Dick Martin who’s team won £59.00

Church Visits

Over the last two months St Mary’s church has hosted 60 visitors from Peterborough University of the Third Age to lectures by Hugh West on the history of Leighton Bromswold and of the church itself with emphasis on the re-building by George Herbert. After the 90 minute series of talks a visit to the bell tower and its unique clock was followed by sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee supplied by PCC members, jenny Saunders, Amanda Crosthwaite and Linda West.

Fantasy Football

We have a third ‘Manager of the Month’ in October, after Peter Mallace and Neville Cook in the previous months, Gavin Troughton, after a slow start, now heads the table and the month with a jump of 15 places to lead by 19 points and also takes the Manager’s Decision and Starting XI leadership. Peter Mallace tops the goals scored with a commendable 29 goals. Laura Martin has been deposed of the Wooden Spoon by Pat Moore but only by one point! But her attack is rather week with just 6 goals.

Future events

The following events are being organised by the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee –
Wednesday 16th December 2015 – Senior’s Lunch at No 1 The Avenue
Friday 18th December 2015 – Village Christmas Quiz at the Green Man
Sunday 20th December 2015 – Santa visits the Village

St Mary’s Crib and Carol service will take place on Christmas Eve 4.00pm

Village Matters – October 2015

Inter-village Cricket Match

The annual cricket match between Leighton Bromswold and Catworth, in excellent weather as always, was held on Catworth’s carefully prepared Cricket pitch on their Playing Field (Leighton Bromswold had a cricket ground many years ago) and against strong opposition, captained by Kevin Simonis, managed to win again, this year though by a rather tight margin. Catworth supplied a BBQ and Leighton Bromswold supplied a keg of Nene Valley Breweries beer.

Inter-pub Quiz Pub Quiz

Last year, Leighton Bromswold did not feature high in the results of the St Ives Rotary Club annual inter-pub quiz although in the previous three years it was consistently in the top three and actually won it once. This year’s team from the Green Man were just two points behind the overall winners, Alconbury Manor, and won 6 bottles of wine and a cash prize of £125.00 which was donated to one of the Village’s charities, the Teenage Cancer Trust. Thanks to the team at the Green Man for their hospitality.

Music School Quiz

On the following day the Huntingdonshire Music School (HUMS) held their annual quiz at the Green Man. The Leighton Bromswold team of Chris, Dick, Harriet, Joy and Laura were the overall winners.

Harvest Service

St Mary’s annual Harvest Service took place on a bright, sunny day and after the service the Harvest Lunch was served to the parishioners with a wide range of hot and cold foods. Afterwards, Neville Cook acted as auctioneer raising much needed funds for the church.

Avro Vulcan XH558

Many people saw the Avro Vulcan XH558 on its last ever flight visible from the village and photographs of the flypast were posted on our Village Facebook which is well used with over 170 members.

St Mary’s Website

Now includes sections on ‘News & Village Life’,’ Leighton Bromswold Social Committee’ and an unofficial ‘Leighton Bromswold Parish Council’ section.

Future Events

The Leighton Bromswold Social Committee Bonfire Night Bedlam takes place on Saturday 31st October 2015. There will be a Petrifying Pumpkin Competition and all warlocks, witches and wizards intent on ‘menacing’ should meet at the ancient Hundredstone at 5.30pm. A wicket bonfire will be lit by the Chief Wizard at 7.00pm and there will be warming food, mulled wine and soft drinks and a ‘surprise’ afterwards – all of which, weather dependent.

The Leighton Bromswold Parish Council meets on 12th November 2015 at 8.00pm in the Green Man.

On Friday 6th November 2015 from 8.00pm at the annual Kimbolton Fireworks Night the music is being supplied by ‘The Alice Band’ with the village’s Simon West as their front man.

There are Church Visits for U3A with lecture and tea being arranged for 5th November 2015 and 12th November 2015.

Village Matters – September 2015 – Leighton Bromswold

The Leighton Festival 2105

The Leighton Festival 2015 took place during September in St Mary’s Church. Two film shows were shown on the Friday night, Paddington followed by the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The following day started at 7.30am with a charity breakfast which raised £71.00 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. The 12th annual Music and Verse, organised by Alan Crosthwaite and presented by Bohdan Mysak, was attended by over 100 people and featured the 14 piece Leighton Stones Orchestra supported by the string duet of Stephen Bingham and Brenda Stewart; individual performances from Robert Burton, Dick Beeby and Moira Stewart, Penny Wood and Kate Williams; comedy? from Neville Cook, Dick Martin and, on crutches, Celia Bennett. Mark Hunter, founder of DrumPulse, brought his full audience participation Boomwhacker Orchestra to Leighton which, was well received. The weekend ended, on Sunday, with a well-supported café church outdoors in the churchyard run by Jon Saunders. Thanks to the sponsors, Peter Lane & Partners; Fair, Fabrics & Interiors, Catworth Service Station; Adams Cook & Pearce and The Green Man.

Welcome to the Village

Welcome to Matt and Jessica Rushing and their children Bridget (11), Gabriel (8), Owen (7) and Quinn (5) who moved into the Old Vicarage in Leighton Bromswold and joined the village Facebook.

Garden Club does well again at the Gt Gidding Show

The Leighton Bromswold Garden Club collected a stack of awards on 5th September at the Great Gidding Show. Gaining a First place for Marrow, Largest Marrow, Pumpkin, Damson Jam, Shallots, Beetroot, Sweet Corn, and Largest Onion. Second place for Coloured Potatoes and the Longest Runner Bean. Third place for Tomatoes, Onions, Courgettes and Runner Beans. Despite doing well the "Vegie Cup" was won by a former Leighton Bromswold resident Michael Mc Arthur.

Inter-village Cricket Match

 The inaugural 3-way cricket tournament against Catworth and Bythorn took place under sunny skies at Victory Field. New caps were awarded to Tom Moore and Paul Kay and the whole Leighton Bromswold team gave good accounts of themselves in two well-fought, good-spirited matches. Despite undefeated batting performances from Mark Carter and Kevin Simonis, Catworth proved just too strong in the first match. Good knocks from Paul Kay, Mick Carter and Ian Arnold, plus accurate bowling from Jon Saunders then saw Leighton Bromswold ease to victory over a Bythorn team showing a lot of promise for the future. Special mention must go to Dick Martin for a beautiful delivery that defied his years as it shattered the opposition stumps and to the rabbit that provided a brief interlude as it crossed the pitch.

Group Visits to St Mary’s

On four occasions groups of up to 20 from the University of the Third Age (U3A) are visiting St Mary’s Church and listening to a 2-2½ hour talk on the history of Leighton Bromswold and St Mary’s Church presented by Hugh West each time, followed by afternoon tea, sandwiches and cake.

Future Events

8th October 2015 – Rotary Club Inter-Pub Charity Quiz – Team Green Man will try and win the 250.00 first prize – no limit to the team size!
31st October 2016 – Bonfire celebrations and Halloween.

Village Matters – August 2015 – Leighton Bromswold

 Baxter Roberts

 Firstly, congratulations go to Steve and Sandrine Roberts on the birth of a brother for Bailey, Baxter Roberts. Mother, baby and grandparents are all doing well. A busy time for Steve who has just started a new job in London and now leads convincingly the British E36 BMW Compact race series with six outright wins out of eight starts against 52 other racers.

 Wedding of Emily and James

 The wedding of Emily Saunders and James Brown took place at St Mary’s Church Leighton Bromswold on the sunny afternoon of Saturday 8th August 2015. The service was conducted by Rev Simon White and music was supplied by a band. After the service the guests enjoyed PIMS and canapés in the Church Yard and a high tea reception was held later at Kimbolton Castle accompanied by a ceilidh band. After the wedding, they will be living in Waresley in Bedfordshire.

 St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold Weekend - Friday 11th through Sunday 13th September 2015 at St Mary’s Church

 Film Evening - Friday 11th September – 5.30pm ‘Paddington’ (PG) and at 7.30pm ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ (PG). Free admission and popcorn. Wine, beer and soft drinks also available.

 Charity Family Breakfast - Saturday 12th September cooking between 7.30am to 9.00am, all proceeds to The Teenage Cancer Trust.

 Music & Verse 2015 – Saturday 12th September - A Feast of variety entertainment from 7.00pm in the church. The evening includes cheese, wine, beer & soft drinks. If you, or anyone, young or old, from the Village Matters area, would like to recite a poem, play, sing some music, perform an exam piece, any other form of entertainment or even join the fantastic Leighton Stones, you  are more that welcome, please call Alan Crosthwaite 01480 891202) or just come along and enjoy the evening.

 Café Church Sunday 13th September - Enjoy a relaxing and entertaining service with a difference 11.00am.

 New Leighton Bromswold Parish Council

 Not enough people stood for Parish Council on 9th May 2015 to make it quorate and therefore a new election was called and six villagers were elected. The first meeting of the new Council took place on Thursday 6th August 2015 where all the formalities were completed. Those elected were, Bohdan Mysak (chairman), Russell Eacott, Gavin Troughton, Neville Cook, Kevin Simonis deputy chairman) and Hugh West. Ramune Mimiene has been employed as their Clerk. The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Thursday 10th September 2015 at 7.30pm in St Mary’s. They meet on alternate months on the second Thursday of every month.

 Welcome Back

 A welcome to one of our colonials, Mary Pratt, who has returned to the village for a month and was guest at the Fantasy Football BBQ. Unfortunately she left our friend, and husband, Matt back in Mesa, Arizona where it’s a cool 46oC!

Fantasy Football BBQ

 The end of season Fantasy Football BBQ was held at Peter and Denise Lane’s house on a bright sunny afternoon. The looser supplies and cooks the food and contributes a barrel of beer and everybody else brings something. The prize-giving confirmed the Troughton Family, Gavin, Fiona and James as the top individuals, but Kevin Simonis, Peter Mallace and Carol Greed won the slightly lesser prizes. A bottle of champagne was given to the statistician, Hugh West. Thanks to Darren Hinchliffe for organising the league and he has agreed to continue for 2015-2016.

 Inter-Village Cricket Match

 Even though the new football season as started, the annual cricket match against Catworth will this year be extended to include Bythorn too. The date has been set for Sunday 6th September 2015 at Catworth followed by refreshments at The Racehorse. The motley Leighton Bromswold team are trying to complete a historic treble over Catworth.

 Barn Bash

 Leighton Bromswold Social Committee is holding a Barn Bash at the Green Man, Leighton Bromswold on Saturday 26th September 2015. There will be food available and music will be provided by Leightonian Simon West.

 Villagers in the News

 Peter Lane completed his first parachute jump for in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust whilst Hugh West was invited as a guest of HMS St Albans to watch the America’s Cup on board on the Solent. Follow others on the Leighton Bromswold Facebook – we have nearly 170 members.

July Village Matters – Leighton Bromswold

 Charabanc to Southwold

 For many years the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee has organised a charabanc trip to Southwold. This year was no exception and nearly a full coachload of villagers, including some of the youngest and oldest residents, boarded the coach at 8.00am. With just one compulsorily stop on the way, they arrived in Southwold to find it bright and sunny. Traditionally, one seat is reserved for a barrel of beer which is tapped before the coach reaches the A14 and whilst in Southwold this theme continued with many visiting the numerous Adnam’s pubs whilst other sat on the beach and played cricket, whilst other walked to probably the best Fish and Chip shop in East Anglia.

 Walk to Old Weston

 In very good weather the villagers and their dogs walked on footpaths and fields from Leighton Bromswold to Old Weston where they met up with other villagers for the annual Fish, Chips and Mussy Peas dinner at The Swan in Old Weston.

 Garden Walkabout

 In glorious sunshine the Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club conducted its annual Garden Walkabout. The morning started at the Green Man where Toni showed everybody the surprisingly large vegetable garden and Bill supplied us with mince pies and coffee and then moved on to gardening virgins, Hugh and Linda with their smaller garden but at this point the wine and beer were opened and more food was produced. Then to Peter and Denise which was before lunch at John and Janet’s were the careful timetable by Neville began to stretch a bit. Then to another virgin garden, Kevin and Clare’s, Neville and Anne’s ending up with Marie & Darren

 Jolly Boys

 For a few years the Leighton Bromswold ‘Jolly Boys’ have experienced a weekend away on a canal boat or other relaxing activity. This year, 15 villagers and ex-villagers spent two or three nights camping in Wickham Market, Norfolk. During the weekend some went fishing, others went to Aldborough and Southwold and as the 2 barrels of beer did not last long a few local hostelries were visited. However, after a campfire music supplied by Tim Pankhurst four trees fell down in the violent storm missing two of the tents, one by a few inches,  on Friday night Saturday morning, but luckily, nobody was hurt.

Village Matters – June 2015

Little Gidding Pilgrimage

On a bright, still, summer’s day the bells rang out across the village and just before 11.00am over 200 people filed into St Mary’s church where the service of Holy Communion was to take place. This year, the leader of the Pilgrimage was the Rt Revd Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, who presented the Main Address and then led the service from the Confessional onwards. During the Preparation of the Table, the words of George Herbert’s ‘King of Glory, King of Peace, I will love thee,’ was sung by the choir and the congregation and then the Bishop invited people to receive communion. After the service ended at 12.00pm, 150 of the congregation moved into the village’s impressive marquee to be served lunch with tea, coffee and wine, cooked and served by members of the Parochial Church Council. Others, who had brought their own food, picnicked in the church grounds. Once everybody was fed and watered at 1.00pm precisely, those that were about to go on the pilgrimage walk gathered around the Leighton Hundredstone for the first station where the former Archbishop addressed the pilgrims before they made their way on foot to St Andrew’s Church in Steeple Gidding where evensong was sung and finally, to the fifth station, the tomb of Nicholas Ferrar. Afterwards they returned to Leighton Bromswold to pick up their vehicles from the car park prepared by the Shaw family. A very memorable, moving and pleasant day.

 Bromswold Bike Fest

Having just got over the Gidding Pilgrimage the previous weekend, we woke up to an overcast thoroughly wet day which lasted well into the evening. Well over 200 cyclists took part in the now annual Bromswold Bikefest ™. Breakfast (donated by Budgens, Kimbolton) was available and early starters who planned to complete the 75 mile set-off at 8.30am. During the morning those who had elected to cycle  lesser mileage set-off in turn with the cunning plan for everybody to arrive back in Leighton Bromswold at 1.00pm where a BBQ (donated by various Tesco stores) ran throughout the afternoon, together with a tea and cake stall for St Mary’s Church run by the Parochial Church Council, sale of plants by the Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club, wobbly bike and hoopla stall by the Leighton Bromswold Social Committee, a strawberry and face painting stall, the history of Alconbury and Molesworth Air bases exhibit and stands from the supported charities. The beer and Pimm’s tent did a surprisingly roaring trade as did the ‘Cycle Doctor.’ The entertainment in the Village’s dry marquee was courtesy of the HuMS ‘Big Band’ who included many songs and music from the 1940’s. Some villagers even dressed in WW2 clothes! The event raised considerably more money than last year for the charities ‘Shine’ and the Macmillan Woodlands Centre Appeal (Hinchingbrooke Hospital). In the evening, Simon West, with just a little help from his friends, accompanied himself on the guitar for over four hours of music across a wide range on genre including an appropriate audience rendition of the classic Queen’s anthem - ‘Bicycle Race.’

Church Open ‘A’ Board and New Notice Board

St Mary’s, with the help of a donation from Village Matters, has a new lockable notice board to replace the one installed in 1909 which finally fell apart after over 100 years; the quality of the new one should enable it to last as long. We also have a smart ‘A’ board which is placed on the road when the church is open to visitors which we now doing every Saturday and conducted tours can be arranged via our Rector.

Football – Final Results

Had it not been for Anthony Willcocks ending up in fourth position the Troughton family would have had a clean sweep with the top five teams. The winner is Gavin Troughton (Bluered) with 1660 points, followed by in second place by James Troughton (Showboat FC) with 1644. In third place is Fiona Troughton with 1601 points and then with 1598 points Anthony Willcocks. The Troughton’s then took the next few places. A Troughton has, in fact, headed the table every month and Gavin was only 207 points behind the national champion but over 15,000 did better than him (although nobody in Leighton Bromswold!) The Starting XI thankfully did not produce a Troughton winner, Kevin Simonis’s starting line-up scored 1434 points and this placed him 786th Nationally – the best performance by a Leightonian ever. Runner up was Marie Kadiri. On the goals front we have yet another winner, Peter Mallace (ObiWan – Kenobi Nil) team scored 94 goals with Fiona Troughton and Carol Greed runners up – not in Kevin’s league though, our winner was 18,520th nationally. Now we come onto the Wooden Spoon - Jim Wills (Jimbo’s Giants) hit the bottom of our table in November 2014. However, his team only scored 41 goals all season which might be why he did so badly – everybody else picked at least a couple of strikers! The loser’s BBQ is on 25th July 2015 at Peter Lane’s.

Garden Walkabout

Once a month, the Leighton Bromswold Gardening Club meets at 1.00pm on a Sunday in the Green Man to exchange plants and views. On Saturday 11th July 2015 there is going to be a garden walkabout with ‘refreshments’ at every stop.

 Other Events

Leighton Bromswold Social Committee ran a successful Race Night at the Green Man during the month, the new Parish Council meets on Thursday 18th June 2015, the annual village Charabanc trip to Southwold is departs on Saturday 27th June 2015 and the next quiz is at the Green Man is on Friday 17th July 2015 at 7.30pm. Hugh West.

Village Matters May 2015

Parkinson’s Day

Sunday 26th April 2015 saw another very successful event at the Green Man with over 120 people supporting the Parkinson’s Charity organised by Mary Kinaszczuk and George Higgins and because of the very good weather it was held in the Green Man garden and also in the barn. Music was supplied by Pete Mears and Friends while Bill Bennett served up pulled pork rolls and burgers. Together with donations and the proceeds of the raffle the afternoon raised almost double last year’s amount with £1,149.00.

Paxton Pits

On Saturday 2nd May 2015, 30 people, including children, from Leighton Bromswold visited Paxton Pits Environmental Education Centre. Paxton Pits Nature Reserve which has a rich mosaic of wildlife habitats covering 78 hectares of lakes, riverside, meadow, reed bed, scrub and woodland. The afternoon started with a picnic and hot and cold drinks and biscuits provided. With children acting as nightingales (with ‘L’ plates and head dresses) the life cycle of these rare birds was visually demonstrated. We then walked through the reserve and saw, grebes, cormorants, herons, swans, Egyptian & Canadian geese, buzzards, great northern divers, common gulls, house martins, swifts and swallows. At the end, when everybody was quiet, we saw, and heard, a nightingale not 10 metres from us and after about half an hour watch it we returned after a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Thanks to Debbie McKenzie and Gareth for organising this event.

 Leighton Bikefest 2015

After last year’s very successful bike fest, The Leighton Bikefest returns and you are invited to pedal for charity on Saturday 13th June 2015 at the Bromswold Bike Fest and raise money for Shine and The New Macmillan Woodlands Centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. This is a cycling festival and is for everyone with six signed cycle routes of 2, 7, 15, 25, 50 and 75 miles, starting and finishing at The Green Man in Leighton Bromswold. Start times vary depending on the length of route cycled, but it is planned that cyclists will finish from 2.00pm to relax and enjoy the entertainment. Entry by way of a suggested donation to be made on the day (£5-£15 depending on length of route) We are encouraging cyclists to set a personal or team challenge and raise their own sponsorship from friends, family and work colleagues for these great causes. But it’s not all about cycling – in recognition of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII, the event has a 1940’s theme. During the afternoon, swing to music from the Huntingdon Music School  Big Band, you can dress in 1940’s clothing and learn to jive. There is also a mini-fete with attractions for all the family, post-ride refreshments include a Real Ale and Pimm’s tent, BBQ, tea & cakes and home-made ice cream. The event is also being supported by generous sponsorship from Peter Lane & Partners estate agents and Wienerberger.

 Gidding Pilgrimage – Dr Rowan Williams - Past Archbishop of Canterbury

On Saturday 30th May 2015, St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold hosts the start of the annual Pilgrimage to Great Gidding. This year the past Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, will be conducting the service and before the walk starts, the Parochial Church Council will feed everybody to sustain them on their journey. At the time of writing nearly 220 people have committed to attend and anybody from the Benefice that wishes to attend needs to advise us so we can manage the catering (lunch is just £5.00) and the seating. It’s going to be the busiest event of the year and the church will definitely be bursting at the seams.

St Mary’s Parochial Church Council

At the AGM it was decided to run without a formal Church Warden with each individual taking on a specific role, those elected were Linda West, Dick Martin, Alan Crosthwaite, Pat Moore, Sylvia Stamper, Miriam Payne, Neville Cook, Jenny Saunders and Hugh West. The PCC being chaired by Rev. Brenda Stewart.


With a month to go there has been a change for the lead, Gavin Troughton now leads both James Troughton’s teams by 4 points and wins ‘Manager of the Month’ and with a different team the Golden Boot – it’s now total domination by the Troughton family!

Wind Turbines

From the Leighton Bromswold to Old Weston road it is possible to see 26 individual wind turbines! Hugh West

Village Matters – April 2015

Gidding Pilgrimage – Dr Rowan Williams - Past Archbishop of Canterbury

On Saturday 30th May 2015, St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold hosts the start of the annual Pilgrimage to Great Gidding. This year the past Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, will be conducting the service and before the walk starts, the Parochial Church Council will feed everybody to sustain them on their journey. At the time of writing nearly 200 people have committed to attend and anybody from the Benefice that wishes to attend needs to advise us so we can manage the catering and the seating. It’s going to be the busiest event of the year and the church will definitely be bursting at the seams.

Cheese, Meat, Beer & Wine Party

A change of location this year, the Social Committee’s Cheese, Meat, Wine and Bear evening was held at Brook House courtesy of Michael and Helen Shaw. 40 villagers attended and were treated to a wide range of unusual British and Continental cheeses, a variety of cold meats and a barrel of Nene Valley Brewery’s Nene Valley Bitter and over two dozen different bottles of wine – all of which were consumed! What was remarkable was that by 3.00am the house returned to normality with just the empties to show for a wonderful evening.

Rotary Club Quiz

The Green Man hosted the twice-yearly Rotary Club inter-pub quiz, with a number of our specialists not available we did not win, or for that matter were not on the podium. However, it was an enjoyable and stimulating evening and for a good cause. We look forward to the second quiz on 8th October 2015 – thanks to Bill and Toni for hosting.

Paxton Pits

On Saturday 2nd May 2015, Leighton Bromswold will be visiting Paxton Pits Environmental Education Centre. Paxton Pits Nature Reserve has a rich mosaic of wildlife habitats covering 78 hectares of lakes, riverside, meadow, reedbed, scrub and woodland. The Reserve is famous for its nightingales and cormorants and is host to a wide variety of other birds, insects, mammals and flora. There will be an introductory talk to discover more about the site, family activities and fun activities for all ages including pond dipping and a chance for a stroll to hear the nightingales. People are welcome to bring a picnic. Hot and cold drinks and biscuits provided.  10.30am until 2.30pm.Thanks to Debbie and Dick for organising this event.

Dawn Service

Rather than the real dawn, this year we used the ‘Leighton’ Dawn time being 7.30am and some 30 people said prayers around a brazier lit in the churchyard. The Communion Service concluded within St Mary’s and the service concluded with hot bacon rolls, porridge, tea and coffee.


Although the national elections are in everybody’s mind the whole of Leighton Bromswold’s Parish Council is up for election, all voting is taking place in the Martin’s Old School House and their AGM takes place in St Mary’s on 14th May 2015 and all are welcome.

Other Events

The Social Committee’s Night at the Races takes place on Saturday 16th May 2015 in the Green Man and there will be Cream Teas served in the churchyard on Monday (Bank Holiday) 25th May 2015 – no space for the Fantasy Football this month but sadly, there is little to report! Hugh West