Parochial Church Council

In 2011, the Parochial Church Council appointed Mrs Penny Ash as St Mary’s Church Warden until she left for retirement in Alderney. Since then there has been no Church Warden appointed with members of the Parochial Church Council taking individual responsibility.

The members of the Parochial Church Council (quarterly meetings) are as follows

Rev Brenda Stewart (Chairman)
Linda West
Pat Moore
Alan Crosthwaite
John Saunders
Jenny Saunders
Richard Martin
Hugh West (Treasurer)
Neville Cook

West Leightonstone Benfice

St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold is part of the West Leightonstone Group of Parishes which consist, in addition to Leighton Bromswold, The Parishes of Brington, Bythorn, Catworth, Keyston, Molesworth and Old Weston all are clustered around both sides of the A14 between Huntingdon and Thrapston.

Each church has a minimum of 1 service a month with Catworth (the largest in the group) having one every week and there is a small contingent who travel from parish to parish each week. Worship is broadly mid-range Anglican.

Services in St Mary’s Leighton Bromswold

2nd Sunday of every Month – 11.00am, alternating family service (café Church) and Holy Communion.

Events Held in St Mary’s Church

Annual ‘Music and Verse’ Festival’, organised by Alan Crosthwaite
Dawn Easter Sunday Service
Annual Communal Harvest Supper in Nave
September outdoor service in the village marquee

Ad Hoc Sinfonia – July 2013
Group Carol Service
Memorial Service
Life Group Services and Meetings
Start of ‘Gidding Pilgrimage’
September Village Weekend

Occasional Events

2010 – Fitzwilliam Quartet, organised by Ed Stonestreet
2013 - Ad Hoc Sinfonia
Annual Gidding Pilgrimage (starting point)

Village Matters

Representatives from all seven parishes and the late Rev. Duck (Leighton Bromswold) launched a community magazine in July 2008 entitled Village Matters. This monthly magazine details the services across the villages each month and includes reports from each village correspondent and a foreword by the vicar. It carries advertising and is distributed free of charge to all 600 households in our villages.

Up to 2015, they made grants to community projects of £3,700 and there is currently a fund of at least £1,300 for further grants.