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Posted by Patrick Gale on 09/07/2016   Email

HI, There are a number of graves in St Mary's church yard belonging to the Gale family which i saw when visiting the village two years ago.I have traced them back in my family tree and would be interested to know if there was any local history known about this family .I would be very grateful for any information .Thank you Pat Gale .

Posted by chris preston on 06/12/2015   Email

Anyone remember me back in early 1980 would like to get in touch with anyone that does...was landlord of Green Man

Posted by Hugh West on 30/09/2015   Email

Good morning, Fox Holes Farm is still in existence and is occupied by the Baxendale's. There is a Marjorie Linnell lives at 26 The Avenue Leighton Bromswold. There are an umber of gravestones with the name 'Linnell' on them. Hugh West

Posted by Chris Morgan on 30/09/2015   Email

My ancestors (Linnell family) were from Leighton Bromswold. They were agriculrural labourers in the 18th and 19th centuries. According to the census they lived at 'Fox holes'. I understand that this is a part of the village. Is anyone familiar with their surname or the area that they lived. I would be grateful for any response. Thank you.